JBM-MM300U/500U Upright Microscope

Item Specification JBIMM300U JBIMM500U
Eyepiece WF10X/22MM (adjustable)

WF10X/22MM (adjustable, ewduxykq 0.1mm)  


5X/0.10             W.D=24.23mm

10X/0.25           W.D=18.48mm

Metallurgical LWD infinity Plan Objective 20X/0.40           W.D=8.35mm

40X/0.65           W.D=3.90mm o o
50X/0.70(S)      W.D=1.95mm

80X/0.80(S)      W.D=0.85mm o o
100X/0.60(S)           WD=1.00mm o o


Seidentopf Trinocular Head

Inclined 30° ,Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance: 48 -76mm

Light Distribution(both):100:0 (100% for eyepiece)

80:20 (80% for Trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)







Nosepiece Quintupel


Mechanical Stage

Stage Size: 200

x 150mm, Travel:    77mm x 52mmStage fast lowerin unit:Up-Down moving range can be increased 50mm.



Stage Size: 182

x 140mm, Travel:    77mm x 52mmTwo solid holder, Metal plate size:200mm X 150mm



Polarizing Unit Polarizer/Analyzer

Condenser Abbe N.A.1.25, with Iris Diaphragm.


Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing Unit

Coarse stroke:25mm,

Fine stroke per rotation: 0.2mm, fine division 2 µm, Tightness adjustment, upper distance limiter.





Reflecting Illumination 12V/50W Halogen Lamp (Input Voltage:100V- 240V),Field diaphragm  


Transmitting Illumitation 6V/20W Halogen Lamp (Input Voltage:100V- 240V),Field diaphragm , Center adjustable.  




Green o o
Amber o o
Grey o o


0.57X(Focus Adjustable) o o
1X o o
Note: In the table “•” is Standard outfits, “0” Is Optional Accessories.


Packing Size: 750X360X450mm        Gross Weight: 16 kgs                Net Weight: !2 kgs


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