JBM-Microscope ULTIMA Series

JBM-ULTIMA series microscope is professional inverted metallurgical microscope, it is EPI-KOHLER illumination and metallurgical objective which brings the clear and sharp image. It also has wide field eyepiece and long working distance bright & dark field infinite plan objective and polarization device, it is a large scientific research level metallurgical microscope, it meets the demand of all kinds of physicochemical analysis and inspection.

Trinocular Observation Head:
• Siedentopf observation head inclined at 45
• Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube.
• Interpapillary distance from 50mm to 75mm.

1.Wide field plan eyepieces WF 10X/22mm
2.WF 10X/20mm, crosshair With reticule 0.1mm

• Infinity plan LWD Bright & Dark field objectives:
• 5X/0.12 (W.D.=23.6mm)
• 10X/0.25 (W.D.=17.8mm)
• 20X/0.40 (W.D. =10.4mm)
• 50X/0.55 (W.D.=7.0mm)
• 100X/0.80 (W.D.=3.2mm)

Polarizing Device
• Analyzer 360 rotatable both polarizer and analyzer can be moved out of the
light path.

Mechanical Stage
• Co-axial Focusing system with large knobs.
• Pre-Focusing Lever & Tension Adjustment
• Ring. Quadruple Nosepiece on ball bearing.
• Mechanical stage is 260mmx223mm.
• Mechanical stage has low positioned co-axial controls ball bearing guide ways.
• Phototube for micro photography.

EPI-Koehler’s illumination. Aperture Iris Diaphragm and filed iris diaphragm
24V/100W Halogen Lamp. Adjustable Brightness. Filter Wheel in light path with
blue, green & yellow filter.

• Co-axial coarse and ne focusing adjustment
• Fine focusing scale value 0.002mm

Checking Tool
• 0.01mm micrometer

Standard Accessories
24V/100W halogen tungsten bulb, operating manual, dust cover, foam molded pack

Green, blue, neutral
Light Source
• Transmission illumination:, with aperture iris diaphragm and field iris diaphragm
• halogen bulb 12C50W, AC85V-230V brightness adjustable
Optional Accessories
• Eyepieces WF 15X
• Eyepieces WF 20X
• Quintuple nosepiece with DIC jack