Metallurgical Inverted Microscope (JBM – MM5)

JBM-MM5 Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope is equipped with professional metallurgical objectives and plan eyepiece which provide clear image & comfortable observation.

It is widely used to identify & analyze the structure of various metals and alloys in foundaries, Heat Treatment forging and Research Plants and Laboratories.

Brand JB Microscope
Magnification 1000x
Usage/Application Laboratory
Nose Piece Reversed quintuple nosepiece
Working Distance 38mm
Focusing Range By Knob
Drawtube Inverted Microscope
Display Optional
Weight 18kg
Illumination LED Light
Resolution Camera 18MP
Accuracy Accurate
Interpupillary Distance 60mm
Eyepiece WF 10x (FOV – 18mm)


·        LWD Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective 5X / 0.125 WD=15.51mm.

·        LWD Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective 10X / 0.25 WD=8.7mm.

·        LWD Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective 20X / 0.40 WD=8.8mm.

·        LWD Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective 50X / 0.60 WD=5.1mm.

·        LWD Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective 100X / 0.80 WD=2.0mm.



An Inverted Metallurgical Microscope is a powerful tool designed for the examination and analysis of impervious materials, particularly in the field of metallurgy. Unlike traditional microscopes, the inverted design allows for the placement of the specimen beneath the objective lens, offering incomparable flexibility and ease of use.

Key features of Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes include powerful magnification capabilities, advanced illumination systems, and high-quality optics. These microscopes are specifically engineered to observe metallographic samples, allowing for detailed inspections of the microstructure, grain boundaries, and other important characteristics of metallic materials.

The inverted configuration is particularly advantageous when dealing with larger or bulkier samples that may be challenging to prepare and observe in a traditional upright microscope. This design facilitates the examination of samples in containers or vessels, such as petri dishes or metallurgical mounts.

In metallurgical applications, these microscopes play a crucial role in quality control, research and development, and failure analysis. Industries such as metallurgy, materials science, and manufacturing rely on the precision and accuracy provided by inverted metallurgical microscopes to ensure the integrity and performance of metal components.

Whether used for routine inspections or in-depth research, an Inverted Metallurgical Microscope is an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to research into the elaborate world of metallography. With cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, these microscopes empower researchers and engineers to uncover crucial insights into the structure and composition of metallic materials, ultimately contributing to advancements in various industrial fields.


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