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We are an ISO Certified ISO9001:2015 company which is a one stop all source for all your microscope needs. Our selection of laboratory equipment consists of latest models with economical as well as technologically advanced products.


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“ JB INSTRUMENTS – Specializing in the sale and service of optical microscopes and imaging systems for research, teaching, production and quality control throughout the education, medical and industrial sectors.”
If you require any type of microscope service, you have come to the right place. JB INSTRUMENTS has over 20 of experience servicing an ample range of microscopes. Our engineers have many years of local and international practice and are constantly attending factory training that keep them actualized with the latest technologies and procedures. Our industry leading and comprehensive servicing techniques mean that your microscope will be in excellent working condition. We pride ourselves on our detailed inspection and service report. This indicates that you will have a complete description of the work we have conducted on your microscope which is covered by the standard 3 months warranty on workmanship. We service several types and brands of microscopes, including but not limited to compound microscopes, Phase contrast microscopes, Polarizing light microscopes, Stereo microscopes