XY Mechanical Measurement Stage for Microscopes and Digital Micrometer Head

Quick Overview
XY Stage Travel Distance: 2×2 in. XY-Axis Drive Mode: Manual. Stage Platform Dimensions: 150x150mm. Stage Height: 36mm. Stage Backlight Window Size: Dia. 90mm. XY-Axis Measurement Mode: Micrometer. XY-Axis Resolution: 1μm. Number of Stage Clips: 1 Pair. Digital Micrometer Head Measurement Range: 0-25mm (0-0.984 in. ) . Digital Micrometer Head Resolution: 1μm.


  • The XY Mechanical Stage for measurement microscope systems provides a total of 2×2 (50x50mm) inch travel in the X and Y directions.
  • When the stage is centered, a total of 2 inches (50mm) of travel can be achieved, meaning 1 inch (25mm) to any side.
  • The hole in the center of the stage allows bottom lighting to shine through, diffused by a matte glass stage plate cover.
 2×2″ XY Manual Measurement Stage (with 2 of Digimatic Micrometer Head)
XY Measurement Stage
XY Stage Travel Distance 2×2 in.
XY-Axis Drive Mode Manual
Stage Platform Dimensions 150x150mm
Stage Height 36mm
Stage Backlight Window Size Dia. 90mm
XY-Axis Measurement Mode Micrometer
XY-Axis Resolution 1μm
XY-Axis Measurement Accuracy 0.001mm
Micrometer Head Mount Size Dia. 11mm
Stage Bottom Mounting Size Dia. 95mm
Number of Stage Clips 1 Pair
Surface Treatment Black Oxide Finish
Material Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 2.10kg (4.63lbs)
Digital Micrometer Head
25mm Digimatic Micrometer Head
Digital Micrometer Head Measurement Range 0-25mm (0-0.984 in. )
Digital Micrometer Head Resolution 1μm
Digital Micrometer Head Accuracy 0.001mm
Digital Micrometer Head Spindle Diameter Dia. 8mm
mm/inch Conversion Yes
Zero-Setting Yes
Data Output Yes
Digital Micrometer Head Power Supply Type Battery SR44 1pc
Surface Treatment Polished Chrome
Material Metal
Color White

An XY mechanical measurement stage for microscopes, paired with a digital micrometer head, is a specialized component designed for precise movement in both the horizontal X and Y axes. The addition of a digital micrometer head enhances the accuracy of measurements. Here are the key features:

  1. XY Mechanical Measurement Stage:
    • XY Movement: Enables controlled movement in both the horizontal X and Y axes. This is crucial for positioning and examining different areas of a specimen under a microscope with high precision.
    • Manual Stage: The movement is manual, allowing users to make fine adjustments using knobs or handles.
  2. Digital Micrometer Head:
    • Digital Measurement: Incorporates a digital micrometer head for accurate and digital measurement readouts. This eliminates the need for manual reading of measurements and enhances precision.
    • Micrometer Scale: A micrometer is a precision instrument used for measuring extremely small distances. In this case, the digital micrometer head is likely attached to the stage, allowing for precise measurements of movements in the X and Y axes.
  3. Microscope Compatibility:
    • The stage is designed to be compatible with microscopes, ensuring that it can be easily integrated with the optical system for coordinated observations.
  4. Applications:
    • The XY mechanical measurement stage with a digital micrometer head is particularly useful for applications requiring accurate positioning and measurement in microscopy. This could include tasks in materials science, metrology, or any field where precise measurements of specimens are essential.
  5. Versatility:
    • The combination of manual control for movement and digital precision for measurements provides a versatile tool suitable for a range of microscopy applications that demand accuracy.

This type of XY stage with a digital micrometer head is well-suited for tasks that involve precise measurements, making it valuable in scientific and industrial settings where accuracy and repeatability are critical.


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