60mm Travel Z-Axis Manual Lift Mechanical Microscope Stage

Quick Overview

Mounting Holes Position: 25x25mm. M6. Stage Z Travel Distance: 6cm. Stage Platform Dimensions: 120x80mm. Stage Height: 6.2-12.2cm.

Z Axis Manual lifting Stage (12×8/Z6cm)

XYZ Mechanical Stage

Mounting Holes Position


Mounting Hole Dimensions M6
Stage Z Travel Distance 6cm
Z-Axis Drive Mode Manual
Stage Platform Dimensions 120x80mm
Stage Height 6.2-12.2cm
Stage Maximum Load 20kg (44.10lbs)
Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
Material Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 1.13kg (2.49lbs)


A 60mm travel Z-axis manual lift mechanical microscope stage is a component of a microscope system designed to provide vertical movement (up and down) for precise focusing of the specimen. Here are the key features and components:

  1. Z-Axis Movement: The Z-axis is the vertical axis in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. In the context of a microscope stage, the Z-axis movement refers to the up and down motion, allowing for focusing on different layers of a specimen.
  2. Travel Distance: The 60mm travel indicates the maximum distance the stage can move along the Z-axis. In this case, the stage can be adjusted vertically by up to 60mm. This travel distance is the range over which the specimen or objective lens can be moved for focusing.
  3. Manual Lift: The term “manual lift” indicates that the Z-axis movement is controlled by a manual adjustment mechanism. Users can adjust the height of the specimen or objective lens by turning a knob, handle, or using another manual control.
  4. Mechanical Stage: A mechanical stage typically includes various mechanisms for precise control of specimen movement. This can involve gears, screws, or other mechanical components that allow for fine adjustments in the position of the specimen.

This type of microscope stage is commonly used in microscopy applications where manual control over the focus plane is required. Users can manually adjust the Z-axis position to bring different layers of the specimen into focus, allowing for detailed examination and imaging.

The 60mm travel Z-axis manual lift mechanical microscope stage is suitable for applications where a moderate vertical adjustment range is sufficient, and precise manual control is important for achieving optimal focus in microscopy work.


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