XY Gliding Table Measurement Manual Stage for Microscopes, With Back Light Window

Quick Overview

XY Stage Travel Distance: 75x55mm. XY-Axis Drive Mode: Manual. Stage Platform Dimensions: 180x155mm. Stage Height: 27mm. Stage Backlight Window Size: 40x90mm . Number of Stage Clips: 1 Pair.

75x55mm Manual Stage

XY Mechanical Stage 75x55mm
XY Stage Travel Distance Manual
XY-Axis Drive Mode 180x155mm
Stage Height 27mm
Stage Backlight Window Size 40x90mm
Stage Scale X: 100-180mm Y: 10-70mm
Stage Knob with Scale With Scale
Number of Stage Clips 1 Pair
Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
Material Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 1.54kg (3.40lbs)

Packing List

Packaging Type Carton Packaging
Packaging Material Cardboard Box
Packaging Dimensions(1) 21x19x9cm (8.268×7.480×3.543″)
Inner Packing Material Plastic Bag
Ancillary Packaging Materials Styrofoam
Gross Weight 1.70kg (3.75lbs)
Minimum Packaging Quantity 1pc
Transportation Carton Carton Packaging
Transportation Carton Material Cardboard Box
Transportation Carton Dimensions(1) 21x19x9cm (8.268×7.480×3.543″)
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(kilogram) 1.71
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(pound) 3.77


Technical Info


Microscope Stage:

Microscope stage is usually located under the objective lens of the microscope to place the object to be observed. Usually, it is equipped with mechanical motion devices, and is moved and positioned in XYZ three directions or rotates or tilts around the Z axis and other functions.

Microscope stage usually has a function of moving in the XY horizontal direction, and is required to be perpendicular to the optical axis of the microscope Z direction in the XY horizontal direction.

XY Mechanical Stage                                                                                

There are motion and positioning mechanisms in the XY horizontal direction. In general, the XY stage needs to adjust the level of the stage, so that the stage plane and the main optical axis of the microscope Z direction are perpendicular.

Stage Backlight Window Size                                                                                

Stage backlight window size refers to the size of the window through which the transmitted light passes under the stage on the XY table plane of the stage. This window is usually covered with a piece of glass. For some stages with accuracy requirements in the XY horizontal direction, the horizontal plane of the glass can be adjusted by the height of the screws on the four corners below, and the consistency with the height of the stage plane is guaranteed.

Stage Scale       

The movement of the microscope stage or the mechanical stage can be measured by the moving distance of the ruler, and the size and area of the sample details can be calculated.  The ruler can be divided into main scale and sub-scale. The minimum grid value of the main scale is 1 mm, the integer is measured; the minimum grid value of the sub-scale is 0.9 mm, the decimal is measured. When measuring, if what the main ruler measures is not an integer and therefore one needs to read the decimal of the specimen, align the end point of the sub-scale to the end of this specimen, and then find the scale on the line of main ruler and the sub-ruler, and see which group is the closest, the length of this decimal is the reading of the sub-scale.


After unpacking, carefully inspect the various random accessories and parts in the package to avoid omissions. In order to save space and ensure safety of components, some components will be placed outside the inner packaging box, so be careful of their inspection. For special packaging, it is generally after opening the box, all packaging boxes, protective foam, plastic bags should be kept for a period of time. If there is a problem during the return period, you can return or exchange the original. After the return period (usually 10-30 days, according to the manufacturer’s Instruction of Terms of Service), these packaging boxes may be disposed of if there is no problem.


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