XY Gliding Table Measurement Manual Stage for Microscopes, With Back Light Window

Quick Overview

XY Stage Travel Distance: 75x55mm. XY-Axis Drive Mode: Manual. Stage Platform Dimensions: 180x155mm. Stage Height: 27mm. Stage Backlight Window Size: 40x90mm . Number of Stage Clips: 1 Pair.

75x55mm Manual Stage

XY Mechanical Stage 75x55mm
XY Stage Travel Distance Manual
XY-Axis Drive Mode 180x155mm
Stage Height 27mm
Stage Backlight Window Size 40x90mm
Stage Scale X: 100-180mm Y: 10-70mm
Stage Knob with Scale With Scale
Number of Stage Clips 1 Pair
Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
Material Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 1.54kg (3.40lbs)

Packing List

Packaging Type Carton Packaging
Packaging Material Cardboard Box
Packaging Dimensions(1) 21x19x9cm (8.268×7.480×3.543″)
Inner Packing Material Plastic Bag
Ancillary Packaging Materials Styrofoam
Gross Weight 1.70kg (3.75lbs)
Minimum Packaging Quantity 1pc
Transportation Carton Carton Packaging
Transportation Carton Material Cardboard Box
Transportation Carton Dimensions(1) 21x19x9cm (8.268×7.480×3.543″)
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(kilogram) 1.71
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(pound) 3.77

An XY gliding table measurement manual stage for microscopes with a back light window is a specialized component designed to provide precise movement in both the horizontal X and Y axes for positioning and measuring specimens under a microscope. Here are the key features:

  1. XY Gliding Table: The stage allows for controlled movement in both the X and Y directions. This feature is essential for positioning and examining different areas of a specimen under the microscope with high precision.
  2. Manual Stage: The movement is manual, meaning it is controlled by the user. This can involve turning knobs or using handles to make fine adjustments to the position of the specimen.
  3. Measurement Capabilities: The stage is designed for applications where precise measurements are required. This is useful in fields such as metrology, materials science, and other disciplines where accurate positioning and measurement of specimens are crucial.
  4. Back Light Window: The inclusion of a back light window indicates that the stage is equipped with a source of illumination positioned beneath the specimen. This is valuable for applications where transmitted light is needed, such as in the observation of translucent or transparent samples. The back light window allows light to pass through the specimen, enhancing visibility and contrast.
  5. Microscope Compatibility: The stage is designed to be compatible with microscopes, ensuring that it can be easily integrated with the optical system for coordinated observations.

This type of XY gliding table measurement manual stage is particularly useful for tasks that involve precision measurements or examinations of features on a specimen. The back light window enhances the versatility of the stage, making it suitable for a variety of microscopy applications, especially those that require transmitted light for optimal specimen visualization.



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