XY Mechanical Stage 50x50mm for Microscope

Quick Overview
Mounting Holes Position: 140x70mm. M4. XY Stage Travel Distance: 2×2 in. XY-Axis Drive Mode: Manual. Stage Platform Dimensions: 150x150mm. Stage Height: 44mm. Stage Backlight Window Size: 82x40mm. XY-Axis Measurement Mode: Micrometer.

 2×2″ Measurement Manual Stage

XY Measurement Stage

Mounting Holes Position 140x70mm
Mounting Hole Dimensions M4
XY Stage Travel Distance 2×2 in.
XY-Axis Drive Mode Manual
Stage Platform Dimensions 150x150mm
Stage Height 44mm
Stage Backlight Window Size 82x40mm
XY-Axis Measurement Mode Micrometer
Micrometer Head Mount Size Dia. 18mm
Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
Material Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 2.90kg (6.39lbs)

Packing List

Packaging Type Carton Packaging
Packaging Material Corrugated Carton
Packaging Dimensions(1) 30x29x9cm (11.811×11.417×3.543″)
Inner Packing Material Plastic Bag
Ancillary Packaging Materials Sponge
Gross Weight 3.30kg (7.28lbs)
Minimum Packaging Quantity 1pc
Transportation Carton Carton Packaging
Transportation Carton Material Corrugated Carton
Transportation Carton Dimensions(1) 30x29x9cm (11.811×11.417×3.543″)
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(kilogram) 3.30
Total Gross Weight of Transportation(pound) 7.28

An XY mechanical stage with a 50x50mm platform for a microscope is a component that provides controlled movement in both the horizontal X and Y axes. Here are the key features and details:

  1. XY Movement:
    • Enables controlled movement in both the X and Y axes.
    • Allows precise positioning of specimens or samples for microscopic examination.
  2. Platform Size:
    • The platform or stage size is 50x50mm, indicating the dimensions of the surface where the specimen is placed.
    • The 50x50mm size provides a defined area for accommodating various sample types, making it suitable for a range of microscopy applications.
  3. Manual Stage:
    • The movement is typically manual, meaning adjustments are made by the user using knobs, handles, or other manual controls.
    • Manual stages are common for fine and controlled positioning of specimens during observations.
  4. Microscope Compatibility:
    • Designed to be compatible with microscopes, ensuring easy integration with the microscope’s optical system.
  5. Applications:
    • Suitable for a variety of microscopy applications where precise movement and positioning of specimens are required.
    • Commonly used in biological research, materials science, and other fields where microscopic examination is essential.
  6. Versatility:
    • The 50x50mm platform size offers versatility for accommodating different types of specimens, providing flexibility for various microscopy tasks.
  7. Incremental Movements:
    • Allows users to make incremental and controlled movements in both the X and Y directions, facilitating detailed observations and measurements.

This type of XY mechanical stage with a 50x50mm platform is a fundamental accessory in microscopy setups. It allows researchers to precisely navigate and position specimens for detailed examination and analysis under the microscope. The compact size makes it suitable for a broad range of applications across different scientific disciplines.



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