Microscope Temperature Control Heating Stage, Slid Warmer

Quick Overview

Temperature Controller Input Voltage: AC 115V 50/60Hz. Temperature Control Range: 20~50°C(68~122°F). Temperature Setting Unit: 1°C. Temperature Control Stage Dimensions: 150x130x3mm (5.906×5.118×0.118 in. )


  • This microscope stage temperature control system ensures accurate, stable thermal control of live biological specimen for observation. The stage warming deck maintains a constant temperature less than +/-1° C between 20°C to 50°C (68~122°F). This microscope stage warmer is designed for checking semen motility and velocity or live biological specimen. It can be installed on different brands of biological compound and stereo microscopes.
  • Convenient installation for any standard microscope stage.
  • Two LED digital displays show the current Stage Temperature and the Preset Temperature. The two touch pad buttons allow you to adjust the temperature settings up and down
  • Power input: AC 115V 50/60Hz or 230V AC
  • Power output: 50W
  • This is a microscope temperature control stage slide warmer which provides accurate, stable thermal control of live biological specimen observations such as checking semen motility or velocity.
  • It can be used with all brands of biological compound and stereo microscopes. Please measure your microscope stage to ensure fit.
  • The stage warming deck is made of metal with electroplating surface treatment, which maintains a constant temperature less than +/-1° C between a setting range of 20° C to 50° C (68~122°F)
  • Simply pre-heat the stage in 1 to 2 minutes to reach the desired constant temperature.
  • This stage warmer is designed to maintain consistent, stable temperatures while live biological specimen such as analyzing sperm motility and velocity.

Suggested Applications

Chemistry, Biotechnology

Microscope Temperature Control Stage(150x130mm)

Temperature Control Stage

Temperature Controller Input Voltage AC 115V 50/60Hz
Temperature Control Stage Power Output 50W
Temperature Control Range 20~50°C(68~122°F)
Temperature Setting Unit 1°C
Temperature Display Divisions 0.1℃
Variations between setting and displaying temperature Less than ±1℃
Temperature Control Stage Dimensions 150x130x3mm (5.906×5.118×0.118 in. )
Temperature Control Stage Light Window Size 20x40mm (0.787×1.575 in. )
Temperature Controller Dimensions 185x160x85mm (7.283×6.299×3.346 in. )
Surface Treatment Electroplating
Material Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 2.44kg (5.38lbs)

A microscope temperature control heating stage, often referred to as a slide warmer, is a specialized accessory for microscopes that allows users to control and maintain the temperature of microscope slides during observation or experimentation. Here are key features and details:

  1. Temperature Control: The heating stage is equipped with a temperature control system, enabling users to set and maintain a specific temperature for the microscope slide. This is particularly useful for applications where observing live cells or biological samples under controlled temperatures is necessary.
  2. Heating Element: The stage incorporates a heating element or elements, which are responsible for generating and maintaining the desired temperature. The heating element may be integrated into the stage itself or positioned beneath the microscope slide.
  3. Uniform Heating: The design of the stage ensures uniform heating across the entire surface of the microscope slide. This uniformity is crucial for maintaining consistent conditions during observation or experimentation.
  4. Compatibility: The stage is designed to be compatible with standard microscope slides, allowing users to easily place their samples onto the heated platform.
  5. Microscope Integration: The heating stage is typically designed to fit seamlessly with the microscope’s stage, ensuring stability and ease of use during observations.
  6. Applications: This type of stage is commonly used in applications such as live cell imaging, fluorescence microscopy, and other techniques where maintaining a specific temperature is critical for the viability and behavior of biological specimens.
  7. Slide Warmer: The terms “slide warmer” or “microscope slide warmer” are often used interchangeably with a heating stage. They both refer to a device that warms or heats microscope slides for various applications.

Microscope temperature control heating stages are valuable tools in biological and medical research, allowing researchers to mimic physiological conditions for live-cell imaging and other temperature-sensitive experiments. They provide a controlled environment that supports the viability and functionality of biological specimens during microscopic observation.


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