ESD Safe XY Mechanical Stage

Quick Overview
XY Stage Travel Distance: 190x230mm. XY-Axis Drive Mode: Manual. Stage Platform Dimensions: 420x410mm. Stage Height: 60mm. ESD Safe.

Ideal-TEK-XY-Stage ESD XY Mechanical Stage

XY Mechanical Stage

XY Stage Travel Distance 190x230mm
XY-Axis Drive Mode Manual
Stage Platform Dimensions 420x410mm
Stage Height 60mm
ESD Safe ESD Safe
Material Metal
Color Silver
Net Weight 5.45kg (12.02lbs)

Packing List

Packaging Type Carton Packaging
Packaging Material Corrugated Carton
Inner Packing Material Plastic Bag
Ancillary Packaging Materials Styrofoam
Minimum Packaging Quantity 1pc
Transportation Carton Carton Packaging
Transportation Carton Material Corrugated Carton
Quantity of One Transportation Carton 1pc

Technical Info


Microscope Stage

Microscope stage is usually located under the objective lens of the microscope to place the object to be observed. Usually, it is equipped with mechanical motion devices, and is moved and positioned in XYZ three directions or rotates or tilts around the Z axis and other functions.
Microscope stage usually has a function of moving in the XY horizontal direction, and is required to be perpendicular to the optical axis of the microscope Z direction in the XY horizontal direction.

XY Mechanical Stage

There are motion and positioning mechanisms in the XY horizontal direction.
In general, the XY stage needs to adjust the level of the stage, so that the stage plane and the main optical axis of the microscope Z direction are perpendicular.

ESD Safe

Static electricity is a charge that is at static or non-flowing state, and static electricity is formed when charges accumulate on an object or surface.
Static electricity can cause malfunction or mis-opeartion of electronic equipment, resulting in electromagnetic interference. In the electronics industry, static electricity can break down integrated circuits and precision electronic components, causing components to age, and can also absorb dust, causing contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, and reducing production yield. In the plastics industry, static electricity can cause film or membrane not wining up uniformly, film and CD plastic discs contaminated with dust, thereby affecting quality. In industrial production, especially in electronic production and processing and inflammable and explosive production sites, electrostatic protection should be taken seriously.ESD means “electro-static discharge.” For the methods of ESD treatment with respect to microscope and components, electrical conductivity of the metal should be utilized on the one hand, and on the other hand, electrostatic materials, electrostatic coating and other methods of treatment should be adopted to solve the electrostatic problem.
Electrostatic coating is to apply coat that can prevent static electricity. It has electrostatic discharge, dust-proof, mildew-proof, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics. The surface of the coating does not generate static electricity or the static electricity is discharged to the safe place through the conductor row.
On some components, electrostatic materials may be applied, such as the microscope knob handle, insulation mat, septum, microscope cover etc.

An ESD-safe XY mechanical stage is a component used in microscopes or other precision instruments, designed to provide controlled movement in both the horizontal X and Y axes while incorporating features to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD). Here are key features and details:

  1. ESD Safe: The term “ESD Safe” indicates that the XY mechanical stage is constructed or coated with materials that prevent the buildup or discharge of static electricity. This is crucial in environments where electrostatic discharge could potentially damage sensitive electronic components or samples.
  2. XY Mechanical Stage: The XY stage allows for precise movement in both the horizontal X-axis and Y-axis. This movement is essential for positioning and examining different areas of a specimen or sample under a microscope or other optical system.
  3. Mechanical Design: The mechanical stage typically employs gears, screws, or other mechanical components to enable fine and controlled movements along the X and Y axes. This allows users to navigate and position specimens with high precision.
  4. Compatibility: The stage is designed to be compatible with microscopes or other optical instruments that require XY positioning capabilities.
  5. ESD Mitigation Techniques: ESD-safe features may include specialized materials, coatings, or grounding mechanisms to dissipate or prevent the buildup of static charges, protecting both the stage and the sensitive samples or devices being examined.

An ESD-safe XY mechanical stage is particularly important in applications involving electronics, semiconductor inspection, or any other field where static-sensitive samples or components are handled. The XY movement capability allows for versatile positioning, facilitating detailed examination of various regions of interest on a specimen. The ESD protection ensures that sensitive electronics or samples are not damaged during the manipulation and observation process.



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