360° Adjustable Oblique Tilting Microscope Stage

Quick Overview

Mounting Holes Position: 10x10mm. M3. Tilt Stage Diameter: 110mm. 0-45° Inclined within the Range of 360°. Stage Height: 63mm.


This manual tilting microscope stage can be adjusted to keep specimen at level, when the microscope base is tilted, or to view specimen at an angle.

The stage diameter measures 110mm (4-5/16 inch), with the bottom mounting diameter measuring 95mm (3-3/4 inch)

Manual stage provides smooth and controlled movement when viewing specimens under a microscope, without needing to operate gears.

The stage can be tilted up to 45 degrees, and rotated in 360 degrees.

The ball and socket joint provides smooth adjustments and the stage can be locked in place with the locking pin.

This manual microscope stage with can be mounted on the stand base of stereo microscopes to adjust the viewing level of specimen.

 Level Adjustable Stage

Tilt Stage

Mounting Holes Position 10x10mm
Mounting Hole Dimensions M3
Rotary Stage Lock Lockable in Any Position
Tilt Stage Diameter 110mm
Tilt Stage Bottom Mount Size Dia. 95mm
Stage Inclination Range 0-45° Inclined within the Range of 360°
Surface Treatment Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 0.65kg (1.43lbs)
Stage Height 63mm

Technical Info

A 360° adjustable oblique tilting microscope stage is a component in a microscope system that allows for tilting the specimen or sample at various angles for oblique illumination. Here are the key features and components:

  1. 360° Adjustable: The stage can be rotated a full 360 degrees, providing the user with the ability to adjust the orientation of the specimen in any direction around the horizontal axis. This allows for comprehensive observation and imaging from different angles.
  2. Oblique Tilting: The stage is designed to tilt the specimen at an oblique angle. Oblique illumination is a microscopy technique where light is directed at an angle to the optical axis, creating shadows and highlights that enhance the contrast of the specimen. This technique is particularly useful for revealing surface details and emphasizing certain features.
  3. Microscope Stage: This is the platform on which the specimen or slide is placed for observation. In this case, the stage is specialized for adjustable oblique tilting.
  4. Adjustment Mechanism: The adjustment mechanism allows users to precisely control the tilt angle of the stage. This can involve gears, screws, or other mechanical components for fine adjustments.

The 360° adjustable oblique tilting microscope stage is especially valuable in applications where detailed examination of surface features and three-dimensional structures is crucial. It provides researchers and microscopists with the flexibility to observe specimens from various perspectives, enhancing the overall imaging capabilities of the microscope.

This type of stage is commonly used in fields such as biology, materials science, and geology, where understanding the topography and surface characteristics of specimens is important. The ability to tilt and rotate the specimen allows for a more comprehensive analysis of its structure and morphology.


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