PCB Microscope (JBM-DM2)

JBM-DM2 all-in-one has a solid and excellent exterior design. It accumulation unremitting zoom optical lens and HD digital camera. The display, Camera and ring light are all powered by one power supply to avoid the mess of mixed wires 4 megapixels high-definition CMOS image sensor, excellent image quality, can truly restore the cooler, sharpness and contrast of the image, The frame rate of HD reached to 30 fps, instantaneously satisfied the demand for speed and transparency.





Display IPS10 inch HD touch screen Android base tab, screen tilting angle (-5° to 15°)with Geometrical Measurements function
Optical zoom Continuous zoom objective 0.7X-5X
HD camera 1/3″ COMS 4MPBuilt-in camera module, real-time HDR, built-in OSD menu,

Large objective

1X large objective lens, WD105mm
1.4X large objective lens, WD100mm
0.5X large objective lens, WD170mm
Light source LED ring light: 56 LEDs with dimming knob, switch, color temperature 5000-5500K
Data Storage Built-in storage 16GB, support SD card storage,
Output interface HDMI, USB 2.0,Mini usb2.0, support wireless mouse and keyboard
Base Flat large base with Vertical track type, stroke 225mm
Standard Accessories USB cable 1.5m; HDMI cable 5m, FTH 26W LED ring lamp & 12V,3. 3A adaptor

PCB Microscopes are essential tool in electronic manufacturing, repair and debugging process engaged in difficult tasks such as circuit board inspection and soldering. It provides magnification and illumination to help users inspect and work on small components and solder joints on PCB with accuracy and with higher illumination options they facilitate a well-lit workspace for precise work.

If you are in the business of electronic manufacturing or suppliers, JB Microscope provide you a wide  range of  PCB Inspection Microscope specially designed for PCB  that help you accomplish effective and accurate. These microscopes are essential for efficient and precise PCB Inspection whether it be for quality control, rework failure analysis or research and development purposes.

The Performance of PCBs regardless of whether they are single-sided, double-sided or multilayer is heavily reliant on the quality of soldering through hole and components such as diodes, IC, Chips and capacitors. It is crucial to thoroughly check these components to ensure they meet the necessary standards.

PCB inspection with JBM microscopes can be performed fast and easily. View a large overview of the sample and simply zoom in on a region of interest with high concert zoom optics, view high quality images, long working distance, 3D image viewing, solder joints and more.

There are two types of microscope for PCB Inspection

  1. Digital Microscopes
  2. Stereo Microscopes

The main difference lies in the way the viewer can view their work. Either using eyepiece or viewing the image on a screen.

Digital Microscopes project the image on the screen which can be more ergonomic allowing for less operator fatigue. Whereas Stereo microscopes are designed to view through eyepiece and provide a 3D view.

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