JBM-85R4L Stereo Zoom Microscope

JBM-85R4L Series Stereo Zoom Microscope is fully coated optical system with super high resolution. It offers sharp clear images with extremely great flatness and contrast. Once brought in focus, image remains clear and sharp throughout the whole zoom range. It comes with super wide-field high- eyepoint eyepieces. The flat field parfocal zoom objectives provide continuously variable magnification from 4X to 300X with optional eyepieces and auxiliary lenses. It’s an ideal instrument for those who require precision-oriented observation

Brand JB Microscope
Binocular Head 45 degree inclined 360° rotatable
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: 55-75mm
Diopter Adjustment ±5dp
Eyepiece WF10x/20mm
Zoom Objective 0.7x-4.5x
Zoom Ratio 1:6.4
Magnification 7x-45x
Working Distance 100mm
Head Mounting Size 76mm in diameter
Dust cover Yes (Included)
Vertical post height 240mm
Vertical post diameter φ32mm
Built-in wide voltage design 110v~240v
Base size 205x275x40mm
Material Metal


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