JBM-EXL – 02 Biological Binocular Microscope

(±5). Inter-pupillary distance from 48mm to 75mm. Eyepiece (Anti fungus coated)

Wide Field 10X (paired) F.O.V 20mm. Objectives (Anti fungus coated)

E-Plan Achromatic 4X E-Plan Achromatic 10X

E-Plan Achromatic 40X(S.L.)

E-Plan Achromatic 100X Oil(S.L.) Mechanical Body


The slow motion has 1Div=0.002mm. Quadruple nosepiece revolves on ball bearing.

Double plate mechanical stage size 140mm X 132mm having low positioned co-axial controls. Cross movement 76mm X 50mm.

Sub Stage Condenser

Abbe condenser N.A.1.25 swing out filter holder, iris diaphragm. Illumination System

The built-in-base illumination system with Ultra high brightness single 3W LED cold light source. Brightness control knob.


The Biological Binocular Microscope stands as an indispensable tool in the world of life sciences, enabling researchers, educators, and students to delve into the intricacies of living organisms with unparalleled precision. This sophisticated microscope is specifically crafted for the observation of transparent or thinly sliced specimens, making it an essential instrument in fields such as biology, microbiology, and histology.

Key features of the Biological Binocular Microscope include its binocular eyepiece design, which provides a more comfortable and immersive viewing experience. This ergonomic configuration reduces eye strain during extended periods of use, making it suitable for both routine laboratory work and in-depth research.

Equipped with advanced optics, including high-quality lenses and illumination systems, the Biological Binocular Microscope delivers crisp and clear images of biological specimens. This precision is crucial for tasks ranging from cellular observation to the study of tissue structures and microscopic organisms.

The versatility of this microscope extends to various applications, including medical research, educational settings, and clinical diagnostics. Its ability to offer varying magnification levels and accommodate different staining techniques enhances its utility in a wide range of biological studies.

the Biological Binocular Microscope is a cornerstone in the exploration of life at the microscopic level. Its advanced features, ergonomic design, and versatility make it an indispensable tool for professionals and students alike, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities within the biological realm.


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