Research Stereo Microscope JBM-UL47

Binocular/Trinocular Head: 35° inclined 360° rotatable
● Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: 50-75mm
● Diopter Adjustment: ±5dp
● Eyepieces: WF10X/23mm
● Objective: 0.68X-4.7X
● Zoom Ratio: 1:6.8
● Working Distance: 110mm
● Video Output Distribution: 0:100
● Vertical Arm Height: 320mm
● Microscope Body Holder: φ76mm
● Focus Distance: 115mm
● Stage Plate: ø100mm Glass Plate & White & Black Plate
● Base: 330x300x45mm
● Material: Metal

Optional Accessories

  • 0.5x Auxiliary Lens, 2x Auxiliary lens

Standard Accessories

  • Operating manual, dust cover, guarantee card and styrofoam molded pack.


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