ESD Safe Tilt Stage Diameter 220mm

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Stage Height: 73mm. Tilt Stage Diameter: 220mm. 0-45° Inclined within the Range of 360°. ESD Safe.

Ideal-TEK-TILT-PLUS-Stage ESD Level Adjustable Stage

Tilt Stage

Stage Height 73mm
Tilt Stage Diameter 220mm
Stage Inclination Range 0-45° Inclined within the Range of 360°
ESD Safe ESD Safe
Material Metal
Color Grey
Net Weight 1.38kg (3.04lbs)


An ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe tilt stage with a diameter of 220mm is a specialized component in a microscope or other optical system designed to accommodate specimens or samples while providing electrostatic discharge protection. Here are key features and details:

  1. ESD Safe: This indicates that the tilt stage is designed to prevent or mitigate electrostatic discharge, which can be harmful to sensitive electronic components or materials. ESD-safe equipment is crucial in environments where electrostatic-sensitive devices or samples are handled to prevent damage.
  2. Tilt Stage: The tilt stage allows the user to adjust the angle of the specimen or sample. This is particularly useful for obtaining different viewing perspectives and for applications where oblique illumination or imaging is required.
  3. Diameter 220mm: This specifies the diameter of the stage, indicating the size of the platform where the specimen or sample is placed. In this case, it is 220mm, providing a reasonably large surface area for accommodating various types of samples.

The combination of ESD-safe design and tilt functionality makes this stage suitable for applications where electrostatic protection is crucial, such as in electronics assembly, semiconductor inspection, or other environments where static-sensitive materials are handled. The 220mm diameter provides ample space for a variety of samples, allowing for flexibility in the types of specimens that can be observed or analyzed on the stage.


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