Bench Magnifier are designed for specialized inspection requirements in the different industries under specific applications. These magnifiers have maximum magnification upto 20x . The magnification is without any chromatic or spherical aberration over the entire field of view, providing perfect strain-free vision.
• Bench Magnifier is used for finding fine pitch component placement accuracy; quality of solders including bridges in reflowed solder, blow holes, checking of colour codes etc.
• We can check surface for assemblies in watches, meters, instruments. Detection of surface defects on finished jobs, cutting tool angles, bolts, etc.
• It is also used for checking skin textures and skin examinations.
• Used by Dentists, Ophthalmologists, Plastic surgeons, Pediatric surgeons, Cosmetologists & Orthopedic surgeons.
• Beautitions also used it for locate black heads, for checking skin disorders and threading.
• It is also used industries in quality control & inspection depts. Service as a good inspection aid at different stages.

Brand JB Microscope
Color Siemens Grey
Base Size (LXBXH) 225x190x80mm
Material Aluminium
Lens Diameter 148mm
Magnification 20x
Model Name/Number Magnascope
Weight 6.0 kgs(Approx)
Working Distance 220mm
Vertical Movement 210mm
Stand Type Table Top
Rotation 360 Degree


Outer Ring Dia. 220mm
Color Type of Light 6500 degree K
Lense Material Optical Glass
Lens Tilt 90 Degree
Illumination Type Top
Illumination 22W Circular Fluorescent tube Dia.216mm
Horizontal Movement 250mm
Field of View 160mm
Effective Lens Dia. 135mm


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