JBM-MZ2 Monozoom Microscope

JBM-MZ2 Series Monozoom Microscope adopt the advanced multi-layer coating technology. It offers sharp clear images, designed for using with a CCD camera. It is widely used in electronic industry, educational demonstration and agricultural research for micro-object observation, inspection and measurement. 63-180lp/mm resolution meeting the requirements of conventional imaging machine vision.

Eyepiece Standard Auxiliary Lens 0.5X Auxiliary Lens 2.0X
W.D. 100mm W.D. 165mm W.D. 30mm
Mag. F.O.V Mag. F.O.V Mag. F.O.V
0.35X 0.245X 23mm 0.1225X 46mm 0.49X 11.6mm
1.575X 3mm 0.7875X 7mm 3.15X 1.7mm



0.35X 17.6mm 0.175X 35mm 0.7X 8.8mm
2.25X 2.7mm 1.125X 5mm 4.5X 1.3mm



0.7X 9mm 0.35X 17.6mm 1.4X 4mm
4.5X 1.6mm 2.25X 3mm 9X 0.71mm
Magnification 0.35X-2.25X(standard)
Eyepiece 0.5X(standard)
Optional Eyepiece  

0.35X, 0.5X, 1X

Objective    0.7X-4.5X stereo zoom; Zoom Ratio:6.4:1
Aux Lens 0.5X, 1.0X, 2.0X
Focusing Mount XLB45-A1 focusing mount with vertical working distance 62mm; ID:50mm for lens


B3 pole stand


Fluorescent lamp, LED ring light
Accessories Can be connected to the cameras and displays


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