JBM-SZ-BL-LCD7 Digital Microscope can observe the object in three dimensions on within the field of view providing crystal clear sharp image with high resolution and good depth of view, having long working distance. It is easy to operate and get the images intuitively, widely used in electronic industry, educational demonstration and agricultural research for micro-object observation, inspection, and measurement. You can save, enlarge and print the pictures displayed at the screen. After installing the attached drive, you can get measured data of Straight Lines Measurement, Curve Measurement, Arc Length Measurement, Angular Measurement. Meanwhile, these data can be loaded into Excel or printed out directly.

Brand JB Microscope
Color Siemens Grey
Base Size (LXBXH) 225x190x80mm
Material Aluminium
Lens Diameter 148mm
Magnification 5x(Approx.)
Model Name/Number Magnascope
Weight 6.0 kgs(Approx)
Working Distance 220mm
Vertical Movement 210mm
Stand Type Table Top
Rotation 360 Degree



Outer Ring Dia. 220mm
Color Type of Light 6500 degree K
Lense Material Optical Glass
Lens Tilt 90 Degree
Illumination Type Top
Illumination 22W Circular Fluorescent tube Dia.216mm
Horizontal Movement 250mm
Field of View 160mm
Effective Lens Dia. 135mm
Optional Accessory 2x Auxillary Lens to increase the magnification 10x


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